Dear Colleagues around the world,

We are both happy and proud to invite you to the XXII World Congress of Medical & Clinical Hypnosis Cooperation in hypnosis. Challenges & Benefits that will take place in Krakow, Poland on 8-11th of June, 2022. Krakow is one of the most recognizable cities in that part of Europe visited by about 13 milion visitors annually attracted by beautiful landscapes of the city, attractve streets, squares and the largest historical complex, unique on global scale.

The congress will take place on 8-11th of June, 2022. The pre-congress workshops are planned for 7th of June, 2022.

The interest of modern hypnosis and it’s clinical application is growing In Europe and Poland during last decades. Polish Milton H. Erickson sponsored many trainings for hundreds participants a year. We also have a privilege of hosting many specialists, who conduct workshops in Poland and who took part in Congresses that we organized - IV European Congress of Erikcsonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in 2005 and in the V European Congress of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy “Creativity and Hypnosis” in Krakow in 2014 with more than 550 participants from many countries (Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Italy and Poland). There are also large congresses every year in Germany. XX ISH Congress in Paris 2013 was the biggest ever hypnosis congress. Increasing interest in medical & clinical hypnosis is also notable in the neighboring countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

With honor we would like to invite you to participate or to present at XXII ISH Congress in Krakow. The topic of the meeting is Cooperation in hypnosis. Challenges & Benefits. The idea of it is to promote different aspects of cooperation, between the clinician and the patient, between unconscious and conscious, between person and the system etc. Our special goal is to focus on cooperation between:

  • more experianced and young generation and
  • between different cultures and different countries.

Therefore we want to offer a priority to proposals run by two (or even more) presenters, cooperating accross cultural or age related boundaries.

The main congress language is english. We invite you to present in english, however in special cases we will consider presentations in german or french.

Because the field is very large now, we will unfortunately have to select which proposals we can take for the final program in order to create an interesting and multifaceted program for our participants. 

If you are interested, please download application form, fill it in and send us by email to with a high resolution photo. Please choose an individual or multi-person application form. Please note that submitting the form is not equivalent to registering for Congress. Registration should be made at

Looking back on the ISH or ESH congresses it has been an old tradition that the faculty also had to pay registration fees. Because most of the participants were teaching there was no other possibility to finance the organization of the congress. There is a possibility that the faculty will get a discount on the registration fee, but it depends on the number of participants that will take part in the Congress. Separate communication will follow.  

We are trying to organize a great congress where the leading experts in the world will meet and learn from each other. We kindly ask you to support the idea of the congress and advertise it wherever this is possible and suitable.

One of our main motivations for organizing this congress is to re-strengthen ISH again. The world of hypnosis needs a strong International Society which connects the leading colleagues in the world. I encourage you to join the ISH. The annual fee is very low and includes the excellent International Journal of Hypnosis. Enclosed you can also find  the membership form. 

I would be delighted to receive your applications for this congress to make it a memorable and interesting event to all of us.

Warm greetings

Kris Klajs